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-Art Baxter


This class will focus on pictorial storytelling. The students will learn to take an idea for a story, write a synopsis, and break down the action into an illustrated story. The eight week class will be divided into two four week periods. The first series of four classes will focus on the basics of comics. It will begin with basic character design, development of story ideas, Writing a story synopsis simple narrative and begin the exploration of different narrative devices. Students will keep a comics sketchbook they will work on at home. The basics of pictorial storytelling will be covered as well as drawing techniques and different types of pens and their uses. In the next four classes students will build on their skills by learning advanced story telling techniques and creating longer narratives. Hand lettering and drawing with a brush will be taught. Class discussions and critiques of each others work as well as reading, discussing and analyzing the comics of varied cartoonists and many others, will occur throughout the eight week course. A complete comic story will be worked on and completed over the course of week five through eight.
Some art supplys will be needed at different points during the class. Please bring the sketch book, notebook, pencils, a favorite pen or markers and an eraser the first night of class.

• 11" x 14" sketch pad
• 5" x 8" unlined notebook
• Pencils will be used in early classes eventually introducing pens, brushes and markers for finished art
• Kneeded eraser
• 18" stiff straight edge ruler
• Drafting triangle (Week 5-8)
• Ames Lettering Guide (Week 5-8)

Classes will be held at DUPREE STUDIOS located in the Powelton Village section of Philadelphia (west of the Philadelphia Art Museum and north of Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania).

3617-19 Haverford Avenue
(36th Street & Haverford Avenue)
Philadelphia PA 19104

ART BAXTER is a Philadelphia based cartoonist, illustrator and
graphic designer. He has a BA in Graphic Design/Illustration from
the Tyler School of Art. His work has appeared in many local
and national publications over the past 25 years. He received a
grant from the XERIC Foundation to publish his comic book, SPUD.
He is the organizer of the PHILLY COMIX JAM, a local cartoonist group.
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