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    My NEW PUBLICATIONS for Fall 2019

    Yo - - I have several new publications lined up for Fall 2019 and available for preorder on my STORE page!

    First off, MY OWN PETARD #6  (color cover/two-color interior, 24 page comic book), Features a six page lead story, "Frankly," as Benjamin Franklin and two French Cortisans take a swim in the river on a very hot summer day, and a ten page story featuring the return of Ant Pini who talks to kids about cancer, as well as 2 two-page shorts and art based on my recent paintings.

    Also the long awaited publication of the SCHUYLKILL PUNCH Comics Anthology - a 40 page, two-color (Risofedreal Blue & Fluorescent Pink) Risograph publication featuring ten of Philadelphia's finest cartoonists: Anuj Shresta, Terry LaBan, Dre Grigoropol, Steve Teare, Bob Pistilli, Cyn Why?, Tommy Hansen, Ian Harker, Lance Hansen and yours truly. I edited it and contribute a 10 page story about my year dealing with cancer as well as the wrap-around cover. Only 100 copies are available. Grab one!

    I will also have a new two-color Risograph edition of MY OWN PETARD #5
    and a mini comic, THE F-HAND, available later in the fall.




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